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Adriatic fold structure 2 Regional Project

VSA Author: Rob Butler, Paolo Pace, David Iacopini
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Interpretations: 1
Date Created: 2015-11-02

An anticlinal structure in the Adriatic. See host Survey for further information.

Interpretations related to this Regional Project

Inversion model for Adriatic anticline 2 Interpretation

VSA Author: Rob Butler, Paolo Pace, David Iacopini
Date Created: 2015-11-02

inversion of composite rift-faulted area on the Adriatic. Note prograding clinoformal system - for the upper shelf margin - a characteristic feature of the Pleistocene successions in the Adriatic


  • Regional Project Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Rob Butler
    • Paolo Pace
    • David Iacopini

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Marginal Seas

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Italy, Italian Republic


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Marine, Multichannel 2D

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